10 Lines Essay on Mountain in English for Students

  1. Mountains play a significant role in all aspects.
  2. They are natural boundaries for countries and states.
  3. They are also home to various kinds of birds, animals and insects.
  4. The tallest mountain in the world is Mount Everest which stands up to 8.849km.
  5. The deadliest mountain is said to be the Annapurna I which is in Nepal.
  6. Some mountains become taller however the growth cannot be seen by any human.
  7. Nepal and Bhutan are the two countries known for their richness in beautiful mountains.
  8. It provides fresh water for the earth and therefore mountains should be well taken care of.
  9. Mountains are places where different and unique types of raw materials and resources are found.
  10. Mountains are the best sceneries and it gives us psychological pleasure.