10 Lines Essay on Mountain Goat in English for Students

  1.  The mountain goat is an animal that lives o the mountains.
  2.  They have extremely strong hooves.
  3.  They can jump over 12 feet, more than a normal goat in a single jump.
  4. They also have great, thick fur to keep their bodies warm.
  5. They have very muscular limbs as well.
  6. They can also be very aggressive especially because they live in the wild with very little human contact.
  7. They can live for up to eighteen years or more, however, with age, they become weak and are prone to varied kinds of sickness and diseases.
  8. This animal has very good learning skills.
  9. They have black horns and this is a very good identifiable structure.
  10.  Females mountain goats conceive a baby approximately in about 180 days.