10 Lines Essay on Mountain Abu in English for Students

  1. Mount Abu is a very beautiful hill station in Rajasthan.
  2. It is a hotspot for many tourists globally.
  3. Back in the past, it was known as Mount Arbud.
  4. Indian leopards, sloth bears, and others are very popular in Mount Abu.
  5. Mount Abu plays a very important role in the religion of the Jains.
  6. Mount Abu is known for its richness of Jain temples.
  7. Hind is a very important language to communicate with the people in Mount Abu.
  8. In this area, we will see that agriculture and animal husbandry play a very important role in this economy.
  9. The lifestyle of the people in this area is rather very simple and less modern compared with other places.
  10.  This ara is also said to be a place to receive the most rainfall in the state of Rajasthan.