10 Lines Essay on Mount Everest in English for Students

  1. Mount Everest is recorded to be the world’s tallest peak.
  2. It was only in the year 1852, that Mount Everest was discovered.
  3. It is said that approximately 322 people died climbing Mount Everest.
  4. There are some trapped climbers found on mount Everest in the area where oxygen is extremely low.
  5. It keeps growing taller every year. 
  6. A Lot of expenditure is needed to climb this mountain.
  7. It takes more than a month to reach Mount Everest.
  8. Mount Everest was said to have been named in honour of a man named George Everest. 
  9.  There are now more than 4000 people who have successfully climbed Mount Everest.
  10. Radhanath Sikdar is credited for discovering this mountain.