10 Lines Essay on Motu Patlu in English for Students

  1. Motu Patlu is a cartoon series spoken in Hindi.
  2. It was first released in October 2012
  3. It is trendy amongst the kids in India.
  4. It has successfully established 13 seasons.
  5. It was created by Havinder Mankkar.
  6. Niraj Vikram is credited for being the writer of this popular series.
  7. The plot story is about two very interesting yet opposite characters known as Motu (fat) and Patlu (thin).
  8. This is a very comical series that has really caught the attention of the kids successfully .
  9. Through this, a lot of physical games were created in inspiration of this series.
  10.  Through their series mixed with so many comical incidents, it teaches the kids about the love for one’s own country and to love and care about the people one comes across.