10 Lines Essay on Motorcycle in English for Students

  1. The first ever motorcycle was officially released in the year 1885.
  2. Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach are the two men who are credited for the invention of the motorcycle.
  3. One main reason out of many behind the creation of motor motorcycles was that it was cheaper than that of a four-wheeled car.
  4. Motorcycles, with time, grew to be more popular than ever till this very date. It is seen to be a popular means of transport.
  5. It saves a lot of time, especially in places where there is a lot of traffic.
  6. There are various types of brands and styles with different engines and models in today’s world.
  7. Some of the top brands of motorcycles are BMW, Honda, Yamaha, and others.
  8. Accidents on motorcycles can be fatal and therefore, one should be extremely careful whilst riding a motorcycle.
  9.  The world’s most expensive motorcycle stands up to eleven million dollars.
  10. A lot of people prefer the motorcycle especially because it is fuel efficient.