10 Lines Essay on Motor Boat in English for Students

  1. A motor boat is also popularly known as a power boat.
  2. It is extremely popular on beaches and other places where there are seas and oceans.
  3. They are used for fun as a transport to see and experience the place around.
  4. Usually, safeguards make use of this in times when there are cases of drowning or other problems.
  5. Motor boats are expensive due to the types of equipment used in the build-up.
  6. It is also stronger than normal boats, being able to stand firm in rough weather.
  7. The cheapest power boats will be about 20,000 rupees.
  8. It is high-speed and is very practical in places such as oceans, seas, and beaches.
  9. There are still not so many manufacturers of motor boats yet.
  10.  The most expensive motor boat would be around seven hundred million dollars.