10 Lines Essay on Mothers Day in English for Students

  1. Mothers day is an event that is celebrated globally every year. 
  2. This day is celebrated to appreciate all mothers for their kindness and great sacrifice in their hard work and love.
  3. All churches and other institutions celebrate this day.
  4. This day is celebrated by everyone irrespective of their religion
  5. It is a day to all mother figures out there in the world.
  6. On this day, parties are held, gifts are given to mothers to show them the sign of gratitude and honour.
  7. This day also mentally boosts children to express their love for their mothers, which is very important for bonding as well.
  8. It is a reminder for everyone to respect their mothers and wives.
  9. Carnation flowers are usually the significant figure of meaning that is given to mothers.
  10. It is so important for everyone to learn to respect and love their mothers and most importantly be thankful for all they’ve done for one even if it means the sacrifice mothers have to go through.