10 Lines Essay on Mother Veronica in English for Students

  1. Mother Veronica is an important figure of the catholic religion 
  2. She was born in 1823 and died in 1906.
  3. She also founded a very popular organisation called the Sisters of the Apostlic Carmel.
  4. She was extremely talented with the knowledge of many languages like that of Latin, French, Italian, German and others.
  5. She was never really satisfied with life and the desires and felt very empty till she found the church.
  6. She was not just very religious but extremely talented and intellectual as well 
  7. She was a kind hearted woman.
  8. She was given the name of Sophie Leeves when she was born.
  9. She was extremely obedient and stood by the law of the Bible.
  10. She was also fully committed to the church by giving her time selflessly all to the word of God.