10 Lines Essay on Mother Teresa in English for Students

  1. Mother Teresa’s full name is Mary Teresa Bojaxhiu MC.
  2. She was born in 1910 and died in 1997.
  3. She died when she was 87 years old die to poor health condition.
  4. She won a lot of awards, one being the highest civilian award called the Padma Shri by the Indian government.
  5. She is known globally for her good deeds and love for the people.
  6. She is the mother figure for charity.
  7. She has influenced alot of people.
  8. She even started an open air schools for the slums despite not having much as her hand.
  9. She was even awaref the Nobel prize for her selfless deed which was recognised all over the world.
  10. She became a nun at 18.