10 Lines Essay on Mother Seraphina in English for Students

  1. Mother Seraphina’s full name was Francesca Farolfi.
  2.  She has achieved so much from a very young age.
  3. She was a woman of great talent and valour.
  4. She even opened a place for orphans during a tragic phase of the earthquake in 1908.
  5. Her teachings were based on fine arts and household works which she gave all her time and effort in teaching the young girls.
  6. Her cause of death was said to be an illness that she suffered for a long time.
  7. She was bold and fierce in her struggles.
  8. Her love for people, especially children, had no bounds.
  9. She spent all her life uplifting and protecting the rights of girl children.
  10.  She strongly believed that one cannot be a missionary without making sacrifices.