10 Lines Essay on Mother Nature in English for Students

  1. Mother Nature is referred to as Mother Earth or the Earth’s goddess.
  2. It is important to take care of Mother Nature.
  3. Learning the importance of Mother Nature is so important to everybody.
  4. The knowledge of Mother Earth is taught in schools and very young children of the age of 6-7 are learning on this.
  5. It is vital to give much importance to Mother Earth and try to save the knowledge of caring for Mother Nature to everyone we come across.
  6. It provides us with all our basic needs for survival and more.
  7. It gives home to a variety of species on earth.
  8. We must protect Mother Nature as in one way or another, Mother Earth will protect its people.
  9. There are some people who worship Mother Nature as well.
  10. With all the pollution at stake today, it is more than important to put Mother Earth at the top priority in protection for every living being on earth by not destroying Mother Nature but rather helping the richness of what Mother Nature provides to grow even more.