10 Lines Essay on Moral Values in English for Students

  1. The sense of right and wrong is known as Moral values.
  2. Moral values are very important to life.
  3. It maintains a person’s good reputation.
  4. It is important for everyone to learn about moral values and teach others as well.
  5. Respect ,honesty, kindness, gratitude and others all fall under moral values.
  6. Society plays a vital role in the moral values of the people.
  7. Having good moral values makes us a good person and a person of respect and dignity.
  8. One with bad moral values will lead a person nowhere in life.
  9. They can be taught by parents, friends, teachers or by anyone. It is vital to have knowledge about this affair. 
  10.  When a person has good moral values, it makes him or her influence the ones around and the good deeds goes on which eventually does good to the society.