10 Lines Essay on Monsoon Season in English for Students

  1. In India, the monsoon season starts from June till September.
  2. Crops like rice, paddy and cotton plants are well grown during monsoon season.
  3. During this season, farmers are extremely happy as their crops are blessed with rain.
  4. Floods can cause and are usually caused during this season.
  5. Monsoon season can also leads one to fall to various kind of sickness.
  6. Landslides are common during this season.
  7. People do a lot of rain water harvesting during monsoon season.
  8. There are more than 70 percent of the people who depends wholly on rain water for their livelihood.
  9. It is also one seasons here children love to play outdoors in the rain however, it is one season that spreads a lot of diseases.
  10. It is life giving and can be very dangerous as well.