10 Lines Essay on Money in English for Students

  1. Money is important to live comfortably.
  2. It can buy the comforts of life inclusive of the needs and wants.
  3. One should not use money recklessly.
  4. It could lead to damage and wreck one’s life.
  5. A person being money driven can be good and dangerous if not careful 
  6. One should not worship money. For if it is so it will lead to very dangerous consequences.
  7. Money can lead to the root cause of many evil doings. Therefore,one should learn and teach others to use money wisely.
  8. It is an important aspect of the working of this world.
  9. It is not easy to earn and therefore one should be very practical as to how one spends money .
  10. The value of money should be taught to children for this is a very important and significant lesson of life that will go a long way.