10 Lines Essay on Momo in English for Students

  1. Momo is a very popular food which is said to have originated from the Tibetan and Nepali regions. 
  2. They are very filling as well.
  3. This food is also widely found in Nagaland.
  4. It is served with sauces and spices 
  5. It takes quite some procedures to cook momos and rather great experience is needed to tackle this technique.
  6. Maida,baking powder, meat and onions are the most popular ingredients.
  7. Eating too much of momos may cause harm to the tummy.
  8. It is said that momo’s have been popular since the 14th century.
  9. It is not very expensive and rather sold at a reasonable rate. 
  10. The popularity of this dish has not degraded but rather has grown since its origination. It is loved by many.