10 Lines Essay on Mohenjodaro in English for Students

  1. Mohenjodaro is a very popular archeological site in Pakistan 
  2. This site is visited by many people, especially archaeologists. 
  3. It is said to have been built around2500 BCE.
  4. It is known as the mount of the dead as well.
  5. This is a site that is studied even by students of class 8 and above.
  6. Based on history, this site is extremely important especially because of this being the biggest city of the indus valley civilization.
  7. It is also an important aspect listed on the UNESCO 
  8. According to researchers done, it is said that this site gave home to about 50,000 people 
  9. This place was left alone by the people as they favoured small settlements .
  10.  As the research and study was going on, it was found that the heads of the cities had well knowledge basing on how the city was very well planned.