10 Lines Essay on Modern India in English for Students

  1. Raja Rammohan Roy and B R Ambedkar are popularly known as the fathers of modern India.
  2. The mission towards modern India was focused on education and career.
  3. Jawaharlal Nehru plays an important role in shaping modern India and influencing the people.
  4. One will see a lot of diversity in understanding modern India.
  5. There came about a lot of changes seen in modern India like that of the great increase of newspapers both in English and Hindi.
  6. One will also see a new view on the change in diverse of economy like IT, manufacturing and services 
  7. The position of women in the society has gradually stepped up significantly.
  8. We see a great change in the mindsets of people in modern India. 
  9. We see the importance given to the things that were once ignored and where one was ignorant about.
  10.  Modern India has brought great change in the minds of the people, culturally and traditionally, and  it has broadened the views of the majority. More focus is put out into the welfare of the people and the economy alongside the job sectors.