10 Lines Essay on Mobile Phone in English for Students

  1. The first mobile was said to have been officially established in the year 1973.
  2. Motorola DynaTAC 8000X brand was the first mobile phone that was created 
  3. This phone was first used by Dr. Martin Cooper.
  4. In today’s world iphones and samsung phones are the top best brands for gadgets.
  5. Brands like realme and redmi and extremely budget friendly.
  6. Using too much of mobile phones can lead to addiction resulting to very bad eyesight and mental health 
  7. Mobile phones emit radiation which is very harmful for health.
  8. Mobile phones have made life so much easier and convenient in terms of all  of life like communication to shopping to connecting.
  9. The first phone was said to be about 2,500 pounds which if converted to Indian rupees stands at 2,60,940 rupees.
  10. South Korea stands top in its production of phones.