10 Lines Essay on Mobile in English for Students

  1. A mobile app was created with the aim of using the program in small wireless  devices.
  2. There are more than 8.93 million mobile applications in today’s world.
  3. Majority of people use more apps than websites according to researchers.
  4. Through mobile apps , advertisements have become very popular, being one of the most popular incomes.
  5. It has greatly and significantly improved the quality of customer engagement.
  6. Apps like Facebook, instagram, whatsapp, tik tok and Amazon have become the top most used apps world wide.
  7. A software developer is known for creating apps. They earn a lot through this 
  8. The first app was launched in 1993.
  9. With time, there brought a lot of rise in various kind of gaming apps as well 
  10.  More than 60 percent of the world depends on mobile apps for shopping.