10 Lines Essay on Mizoram in English for Students

  1. Mizoram is a beautiful state in India.
  2. The people of Mizoram stand apart because of their very strong bonds with one another.
  3. They are extremely supportive of one another and are very hospitable.
  4. The state does extremely well in all kinds of businesses as well, flourishing even more with time.
  5. The capital of Mizoram is Aizwal.
  6. The majority of the people are Christians.
  7. The state’s population according to the 2023 census stands at about 13.80 lakhs.
  8. The state is rich with very beautiful views of mountains, flora, and fauna.
  9. Lalchamliana is the current home minister of the state, Mizoram.
  10.  Music and dances play a significant role in the life of the Mizos.