10 Lines Essay on Mission Kakatiya in English for Students

  1. Mission Kakatiya is a very important scheme in a state called Telangana in the country of India. 
  2. It started in the year 2014 in the month of December and was officially established in the year 
  3. Under this scheme, the government aimed to renovate and restore around 46,000 tanks in five years’ time, improving 
  4. It was a huge success for the state and this brought in a lot of influence to other states in India as well.
  5. Through this, their goal was to provide and strengthen their irrigation source.
  6. There was a lot of expense for this project which accounted for about rupees 22,000 crore, however, it proved to be worth it.
  7. This mission helped all the citizens in the state, in one way or the other. It especially boosted the rural economy and increased cultivation.
  8. The slogan of this mission was ‘Save water and secure your future. Save water save life.’
  9. This mission became a people’s program and through this, we see the unity of people coming and working towards this mission, hand in hand. 
  10.  It also brought significant change in the amount of people in drinking grund water.