10 Lines Essay on Missing my School In English for Students

  1. I miss my school for a lot of reasons. The sound of laughter, juniors running around the hall, and even the little fights that take place between kids.
  2. I miss my school’s environment which made me feel like my second home.
  3. I miss my school’s teachers who were so kind yet strict when they had to be. They were our mothers at school.
  4. I miss doing mischievous little things with my friends at school. 
  5. I miss my notorious classmates whom we would get in trouble with in class for talking too much or playing during class hours.
  6. I miss my school ground, which was gigantically big where we enjoyed running around.
  7. I miss my school’s park where I would spend my time on the swing with my friends chit-chatting. 
  8. I miss my school’s activities, where there were group activities.
  9. I miss my school’s assembly, one which we all look forward to taking part in.
  10. I miss my school’s special fest days and programs where we would see various talent shows and games.