10 Lines Essay on Misogyny in English for Students

  1. Misogyny is defined as the practice of hatred against women. 
  2. Misogyny was extremely popular during the past decades, however with time, it improved to a great deal. 
  3. It made the male gender really look down on the female gender.
  4. Female gender were deprived of so many rights and freedoms.
  5. People who follow this practice are called misogynists.
  6. To maintain the social role of patriarchy, the practice of misogyny became even more effective in the minds of people.
  7. It is still very much prevalent in the world today. It is not as strong as it was because of the voice of many strong women in the world of today, however, this practice is still seen.
  8. It is the most unflattering trend, especially of the twenty-first generation.
  9. Due to misogyny, there is a higher rise in domestic abuse and violence and rape.
  10.  Through this, a lot of arguments, protests, and fights under on gender inequality.