10 Lines Essay on Minnie Mouse in English for Students

  1. Minnie Mouse is a well loved character created by Walt Disney.
  2. This is a character who is portrayed as a lover and partner of Mickey Mouse.
  3. While Mickey Mouse wore pants, Minnie Mouse wore a dress portraying a female character with a bow on its head.
  4. She is a portrayal of a typical female who loves cooking, shopping, baking and makeup.
  5. She was also created in the same year as Mickey Mouse, 1928.
  6. One of Disney’s first songs released is sung by Mickey Mouse.
  7. There were a lot of voice artists for this character,Minnie Mouse.
  8. Minnie Mouse also has her own star at the very famous Hollywood walk of fame.
  9. She also plays a vital role in the field of Disney World and has a number of merchandise all over the world.
  10. Majority of her fans are females.