10 Lines Essay on Mindfulness in English for Students

  1. Mindfulness is essential for every human being. 
  2. It helps one stay grounded, which is very useful in life where there are many uncertain obstacles. 
  3. The origination of mindfulness can be rooted in very ancient times. 
  4. Mindfulness has a very strong leakage on the Buddhist culture.
  5. In the world of today, we see the rise and increase in stress due to work and other problems and therefore, scientists and psychologists have brought up many solutions. One of the successful solutions is Mindfulness.
  6. It is also said that mindfulness helps not only adults but even children as well.
  7. Mindfulness helps one improve attention span.
  8. It also helps one regulate emotions as well. 
  9. One can practice mindfulness in schools and even at home by sitting quietly, breathing in and out, and observing the sounds and things carefully.
  10. Mindfulness does not help everyone, while some find it useless the other half it extremely nifty.