10 Lines Essay on Microorganisms in English for Students

  1. All kinds of bacteria,viruses or fungi that we come across are microorganisms.
  2. Fungi are extremely important for the working of life on earth. 
  3. They are vital for soil in keeping the smooth flow of nutrients and even concealing diseases.
  4. One of the most important things is that fungi are the most vital decomposers.
  5. The study of this subject matter is called micro biology and this interests quite a lot of people.
  6. Microorganisms are everywhere around us and cannot be seen. One needs a microscope to see.
  7. This is a very important subject matter to study upon and therefore we will see this topic in the majority of school textbooks from the class of five or six.
  8. The father of microbiology is said to be a Dutch man named Leeuwenhoek. He is a self taught man in the field of science which is even more impressive.
  9. Two of the top microbiology schools are said to be Harvard and  MIT.
  10.  Some microorganisms can make one ill, however it is said that the majority does not harm one at all. Rather it helps regulate oxygen.