10 Lines Essay on Micro Computers in English for Students

  1. Micro computers are known because of their size. 
  2. It is not as expensive as normal size computers and does not perform as well as normal size computers. 
  3. Their functions are quite limited.
  4. They are easy to carry around which can be termed as convenient as well.
  5. They don’t produce too much heat and are easy to use. 
  6. Mers Kutt, who is a Canadian man, is credited for its invention.
  7. With time, micro computers have been altered into varied kinds to all shapes and functions like that of laptops or tablets.
  8. It is still popular in today’s world.
  9. The popularity of micro computers reached its peak during the 1970’s.
  10. They have made life so much easier. It is easier to carry making communication an easy task.