10 Lines Essay on Mammals in English for Students

  1. The scientific name for mammals is mamalia.
  2. The word ‘mammal’ was coined by Linnaeus 
  3. It is also said to have been taken out from the Latin word ‘mamalis’ which means ‘of the breast ‘.
  4. Animals that produce milk to feed the young are defined as mammals.
  5. Blue whales are the largest mammals in the world.
  6. There are so many species of mammals in the world.
  7. Their brains are bigger and more developed than other species.
  8. Out of all the species of mammals, only one type of species can fly. They are bats.
  9. Most mammals are said to be extremely dependent on their parents when they’re young.
  10. All mammals are said to have either hair or fur which includes dolphins and whales as well.