10 Lines Essay on Mamata Banerjee in English for Students

  1. Mamata Banerjee is a politician.
  2. She is also the present chief minister of West Bengal.
  3. She has been serving the state since 2011.
  4. She is a smart, kind lady who is 68 years of age.
  5. She is extremely talented in art and poetry which were both self taught.
  6. It is because of her love for the colour of blue and white that one will see the colour of majority of the buildings in west bengal to be blue and white.
  7. She is also a writer and has published an autobiographical book called “My Unforgettable Memories”.
  8. She is unmarried
  9. She did her Bachelor’s in law, History and education as well and her Master’s in Islamic History.
  10. She was the only daughter with 6 brothers.