10 Lines Essay on Mall in English for Students

  1. Malls are extremely popular in today’s age. 
  2. One will see a lot of varied kinds of malls in developed cities.
  3. The biggest mall in India is said to be the Lulu International Shopping Mall which is situated in Kochi 
  4. The world’s largest mall is called the Dubai Mall.
  5. Hotels to places to shop and small game centres are available in malls 
  6. The first ever mall was said to be built in the year 1877. It’s called the Galleria Vittorio Emanuella II.
  7. It helps a business owner to a great extent as not much efforts in maintaining is needed.
  8. Wide variety of products are available in malls which attracts people of all ages.
  9. It helps the economy of the state to a great extent. 
  10. It is convenient, luxury and there is comfort and entertainment as well.