10 Lines Essay on Maldives in English for Students

  1. Maldives is an extremely beautiful country in South Asia.
  2. The area has approximately 99.6% of water.
  3. It is said that it’s expensive in Maldives due to the taxes.
  4. The official language is said to be Dhivehi.
  5. One of the most popular and unique looking fruit in Maldives is called the Maldivian mango or rather called locally as the Dhivehi Anbu.
  6. This area is prone to tsunami especially because its around a lot of water.
  7. The population in Maldives stands to approximately 521,021.
  8. Majority of the people there are Muslims.
  9. Tourism plays an important role in the economy of Maldives.
  10. According to studies, the discovery of this area is said to be around the 1500 BC.