10 Lines Essay on Makki ki roti Sarson ka Saag in English for Students

  1. Makki ki roti sarson ka saag is a famous dish in India.
  2. It is said to have originated from Punjab 
  3. Makki ka roti meansaize bread.
  4. The title ‘Makki ki roti sarson ka saag’ means a dish that has cornmeal flatbread with mustard green stew.
  5. It is a famous and popular Punjabi delicacy which the Punjabi’s are extremely proud of.
  6. It is rich in masala.
  7. It is a traditional food as well.
  8. It is a meal that is very popular in important gatherings and meetings and even festivals.
  9. A Lot of onions, ginger, mustard leaves, green chillies,spices and others are used in preparing this dish.
  10. It takes a lot of practice to be a good cook for this very dish.