10 Lines Essay on Making of Constitution of India in English for Students

  1. Dr.BR Ambedkar is considered and credited as the person who framed the Indian constitution.
  2. Under this, there was originally 395 articles with which after some years it was updated to 448 articles 
  3. Jawaharlal Nehru and Dr. Rajendra Prasad plays a big role in signing the constitution.
  4. It took almost 2 years to finalise the Indian constitution.
  5. This institution holds the record of being the longest constitution.
  6. It is also well known globally because it is a handwritten constitution.
  7. The original copies of this institution are kept safely in the parliamentary library.
  8. It has about 1.46  lakh words 
  9. It is only through the establishment of this that women got the freedom to vote.
  10. It has very clear description and is very specific.