10 Lines Essay on Make in India in English for Students

  1. Make in India is a campaign that was started by the government.
  2. It started with a goal to upgrade, and further improve the quality of all the products made in India.
  3. It was launched in the year 2014.
  4. It was launched by Narendra Modi who is the prime minister of India.
  5. It has given a great push to the economy and the business of the state.
  6. This has made India one of the first world wide to be the most attractive investment destination.
  7. With this into account,this has really helped India grow economically at a really fast pace globally.
  8. There are lots of success stories under Make in India like the
  9.  Ministry of railways, electronics, Defence, etc.
  10. There are alot of other accounts which Make in India focuses on and not just on boosting the manufacturing sector