10 Lines Essay on Mainframe Computer in English for Students

  1. Mainframe computers are also known simply as mainframe or even big iron.
  2. The start of mainframe computers began in the 1930s.
  3. It helps in the collection of very large data processing.
  4. It is used in big industries.
  5. They are especially used by IT industries.
  6. It has a large capacity which is able to accumulate and work with a large number of users.
  7. Harvard Mark 1 is said to be the first ever mainframe computer.
  8. Gene Myron amdahi is considered as the father of the mainframe computer.
  9. An ATM is a good and clear example of a Mainframe computer.
  10. Mainframe computers were extremely popular when it was established however it reached its downfall during the establishment of Google.