10 Lines Essay on Mailbox in English for Students

  1. Mailbox is a box where mail is kept by the postman. 
  2. It is helpful in a way as it allows delivery people to deliver to people quickly.
  3. The credit on the origination of the mailbox is given to Phillip Downing on its invention.
  4. It was invented in 1857.
  5. In today’s world there is a e- mail box where everything is done digitally.
  6. The usage of mailbox practically and physically is not as important and common as it was back then.
  7. The biggest mailbox in the world which went into the Guinness World records was sized upto 5,700 feet.
  8. There are alot of virtual mailboxes in this fast paced world like that of ipostal1, postscan mail, planet express, etc.
  9. A physical address is needed for one’s registered agent.
  10. The letters are secure and inexpensive