10 Lines Essay on Maid in English for Students

  1. A maid is one that helps others especially in big houses in various tasks.
  2. Maids do help one in maintaining the household in keeping the house tidy, cooking and keeping everything in order.
  3. One should not mistreat maids rather treat them with respect as well.
  4. They help one free up time and make one rest in a busy schedule.
  5. It is common especially in India to have household maids.
  6. It is important to get a good maid, if one were to hire one.
  7. It is also important and vital to pay the maid on time as anyone would do with any other job.
  8. Hiring a maid gives one time to relax, there is more time to keep the house organised and keep the household organised.
  9. One should not take advantage of maids 
  10. It is most useful for people with very busy schedule.