10 Lines Essay on Mahendra Singh Dhoni in English for Students

  1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a very famous professional cricketer of India.
  2. He is 42 years old.
  3. His full name is Mahendra Singh Pansingh Dhoni.
  4. He is popularly known as MS Dhoni.
  5. He is a great leader for his cricket team and is a great listener.
  6. He was a football fan when he was younger and slowly and gradually began to live cricket as he got older.
  7. He accepts his failure, learns from them and takes it positively.
  8. He is happily married to Sakshi Dhoni.
  9. He has a beautiful daughter named Ziva who was born in the year of 2015.
  10. He is regarded as the most consistent cricket player ever.