10 Lines Essay on Maharashtra in English for Students

  1. Maharashtra is a state in India with its capital as Mumbai.
  2. Majority of the people living in this state follow the Hinduism religion.
  3. People in this state speak in Marathi.
  4. One of the finest cut out caves can be found in Maharashtra which attracts a lot of tourists.
  5. In the state of Maharashtra, a city named Pune is said to be the most populated city within this state.
  6. Mumbai, a city in Maharashtra is said to be the richest state in Maharashtra and even in the country.
  7. The Indian Giant Squirrel is said to be the state’s animal.
  8. Mango is extremely popular in this state and is even the state’s official fruit.
  9. Major manufacturing companies are present in this state like that of Tata Steel, Reliance Industries, etc.
  10.  It is the third largest state in the country.