10 Lines Essay on Mahabharata in English for Students

  1. Mahabharata is the greatest epic in Indian history. 
  2. This is a book that has the longest poems that were ever written.
  3. It took more than 600 years to write this book.
  4. Mahabharata is said to have been based on true events.
  5. It was originally written in Sanskrit. 
  6. A book written about the Kurukshetra War.
  7. Vedavyasa who is also known as Krishna Dvaipayana is credited as the writer of this famous epic book.
  8. It is popular and famous because it has a lot of important writings that have strong linkages with how Hinduism developed. 
  9. It is regarded as the world’s greatest epic, widely studied by students especially the one majoring in history. 
  10. It was originally called the ‘Jaya’.