10 Lines Essay on Magnet in English for Students

  1. William Gilbert is credited as the founder of magnets.
  2. Magnets has become extremely useful and has changed the world with its working 
  3. Magnets are used for various things like tightening the seal on the doors of refrigerators, televisions, etc.
  4. One will also find magnet in the working of earphones which is extremely popular in today’s world 
  5. It’s even used in some medical processes.
  6. Magnets play a significant role in the world of today. One will find varieties of stuff that uses magnets like book magnets, laptop magnets, speaker magnets and many more.
  7. A magnet can be extremely dangerous to one’s health especially if one mistakenly swallows it.
  8. Extremely small magnets should be kept away from children which can cause choking hazards.
  9. Magnets also play important role in electricity as well.
  10. There are about 7 types of magnets.