10 Lines Essay on Magician in English for Students

  1. A magician is one who perform magical tricks for entertainment
  2. One of the most popular.magician who is credited as one of the first magicians was named Dedi.
  3. A magician needs very good communication skills and charisma to attract the audience.
  4. For a person to become a magician, he or she needs to learn alot of techniques, tricks, smart and speed movements and alot of stuffs 
  5. A magician in today’s world can earn alot as they perform in programs and have their shows.
  6. Children and even adults loves magicians and even calls them to birthday parties and other events.
  7. A very amusing fact about the world is that in a place called Queensland which is in Australia, it is illegal for a person to own a rabbit unless that person is a magician.
  8. Magician are widely known for creating amusing illusions leaving people in wonder.
  9. Magicians are also seen to perform very dangerous and life risking tricks on stage which can make one lose their life if not careful and we’ll prepared.
  10. Female magicians are known as enchantress, sorceress or even a witch.