10 Lines Essay on Magical Shoes in English for Students

  1. Magical shoes are shoes that are believed to have magical powers.
  2. Magical shoes are usually depicted in fairy tales and other fiction stories.
  3. The use of these shoes can make one fly , fight or gain supernatural powers.
  4. Young children are extremely fond of ideas like magical shoes 
  5. There are alot of stories and movies depicting magical shoes which attracts a lot of young viewers .
  6. In some cases magical shoes  can make one enter a very different universe as well or even fly high up to the moon.
  7. The idea of magical shoes has bought in the idea of fantasy amongst the kids. 
  8. It has also broadened the way of creativity amongst children.
  9. Magicians uses this idea as part of the shows engaging more viewers 
  10. It gives a whole lot of power and freedom to the person with magical shoes.