10 Lines Essay on Magical Pencil in English for Students

  1. Magical pencil is derived from different sources of which a pencil could do magic tricks.
  2.  A Very popular story was created by Malala Yousafzai.
  3. In this story, Malala could draw anything which could transform into reality 
  4. This changed the life Malala completely 
  5. She would draw things to make others happy and also to make her life easier 
  6. This is a 2017 book which won the hearts of many, especially children.
  7. Through this story, movies were depicted.
  8. This story also holds a strong moral for everyone. It aims to tell the readers that the magic is in us, in ourselves and in our voices.
  9. New products are also being launched under the theory of magic pencil which has glitters all over or other varieties that amuses kids 
  10. Magic pencils are also seen as not ordinary pencils but rather magical in the eyes of kids as it performs differently as compared to an ordinary pencil.