10 Lines Essay on Magic Stick in English for Students

  1. A magic stick is one that holds magical power.
  2. This is a stick that is seen in a lot of fiction story books and even fairy tales 
  3. The one holding a magic sticks holds so much power in doing all that the person wants.
  4. Kids loves the idea of magic sticks.
  5. It has grown well and wide in the children’s shopping mall.
  6. It brings the. Hold into an imaginary world of his or her own developing the creativity process 
  7. The idea of this has been used alot by the magicians early during ancient times as well.
  8. The idea proves to be a huge deal especially for children.
  9. It is used in the idea of a wand as well. 
  10. In the sphere of the children’s toy factory ,this proves to be one of the most popular thing.