10 Lines Essay on Maggi in English for Students

  1. Maggi was introduced during the early 1980s.
  2. We have maggi noodles, maggi soups and Maggi sauce as well.
  3. The brand Maggi is one of the most popular and well loved brands especially in India.
  4. The brand is known for its quality as well as its reasonable prices.
  5. India is said to be the largest consumer of Maggi.
  6. Eating too much of Maggi can be harmful for one.
  7. Maggie is said to have extremely high sodium.
  8. It also have vitamin and iron as well 
  9. There are alot of Maggie noodles in today’s time, like that of atta maggi, Maggi masala and oats Maggi.
  10.  The production of Maggi has been said to be aiding in the economy of the country.