10 Lines Essay on Madame Curie in English for Students

  1. Madame curie’s full name is Maria Salomea Sklodowska- Curie.
  2. She was born in the year 1867 and died in 1934.
  3. She is a very famous and talented physicist.
  4. She worked relentlessly on the field of radioactivity, which she was very fond of.
  5. She won two Nobel prizes. One in physics and the other one in chemistry.
  6. Majority of the scientific training was passed down from her father. 
  7. She was also one of the first women to hold a position as a professor of General Physics.
  8. She married a man named Pierre Curie.
  9. She even had a pet tiger 
  10. She was extremely hardworking, talented and brilliant.