10 Lines Essay on Machine in English for Students

  1. Machines were first invented during the 3rd century BC 
  2. Machines have developed greatly and significantly with time.
  3. Every year, there are changes and developments made in machine that is better and more powerful 
  4. Machines have made our lives so much easier and comfortable.
  5. They have changed the world drastically, especially in the economy of every country.
  6. Good machines can be very expensive.
  7. Machines are used in almost every activity in our lives in the world of today.
  8. Developed countries have far better machines than the under developed or developing countries.
  9. There are more inventions on better machines even to this very day. 
  10. Despite its advantages , there are disadvantages as well. Some of which are the expense and time to maintain and repair. It also have some serious environmental drawbacks.