10 Lines Essay On Maa Durga In English For Students

  1. Durga Maa is an Hindu warrior Goddess which is highly revered in India.
  2. She is usually depicted as sitting on a lion or a tiger.
  3. Durga Maa has multiple hands holding various weapons.
  4. Durga Maa is believed to have been created to defeat Mahishasura.
  5. Durga Maa is considered as the mother of universe in Hindu religion.
  6. Her devotees consider her as a source of courage as well as compassion.
  7. Durga Maa is a part of divine hindu family known as ‘Parivar’.
  8. Durga Pooja is a festival held in West Bengal in India in her love and respect.
  9. The worship of Durga Maa is a celebration of the feminine energy and power that is revered and celebrated in Hindu culture
  10. Various songs and bhajans are sung as a token of respect for Durga Maa by her devotees.